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Your path to prosperity starts here

Welcome to a new world of financial satisfaction.

Welcome to a new world of financial satisfaction. A world where the concerns about money that once kept you up at night have been replaced by an invigorating sense of satisfaction. Because when you’re Living Smart, saving comes easy.

From student loan relief and cash back shopping to lower monthly bills and interest-free pay day loans, Living Smart gives you the freedom to enjoy life confidently. Your membership unlocks a brilliant array of powerful and valuable benefits.

We’ve built the world’s best bundle with a priority on savings. Now it’s your turn to reap the rewards.

Student Loan Debt Relief

Lower your student loan payments and save hundreds of dollars or thousands of dollars in the process

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Get Paid to Exercise

Exercising has never been more rewarding as you earn for every calorie you burn and get paid to improve your health

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0% Pay Day Loans & Cash Back

Take control of your pay and shop with cash back at more than 1,000 stores and restaurants

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Lower Your Bills

Cut your costs and get the lowest prices possible on your bills as we haggle for you and split the savings with you

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Shop Now, Pay Later

Shop millions of products and pay gradually over time with no interest, no membership fees, and no credit score needed

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Get even more savings when you bundle!

  • Student loan debt relief

  • Pay day loans with no fees/interest

  • Lower monthly bills

  • Getting paid to exercise

  • Shop now and pay later services

  • Relationship Health

  • Social Anxiety Relief

  • Child Health & Development

  • Your Health Risks

  • Paid to Exercise

  • Debt Reduction & Financial Planning

  • College Survival Kit

  • Smart Medication Management

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