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Your path to wellness begins here

Welcome to a healthier new you.

Welcome to a healthier new you—a you that’s happier than ever, reaching new heights of physical, financial, and emotional satisfaction. Because when you’re Living Smart, feeling good comes easy.

From expert-created tools that help you strengthen your relationships and mental health to a breakthrough app that pays you to exercise, Living Smart puts a priority on your wellness. Your membership unlocks an amazing array of benefits, including:

Relationship Health Program

Repair, grow, and strengthen your marriage or any committed relationship with a proven program

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Emotional Fitness Mobile Game

A mobile game that teaches you how to reduce stress and build emotional fitness

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Child Health & Development Resources

The most accurate source for parents to take control of their child’s well-being

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Health Risk Analysis

Get all your personal health issues and questions answered

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Get Paid to Exercise

Exercising has never been more rewarding as you earn for every calorie you burn and get paid to improve your health

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Debt Reduction & Financial Planning

Control spending, eliminate debt, and build wealth with a proven system, including live coaching sessions

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College Survival Kit

Learn the Do’s and Don’ts of how to get into the right college and secure more financial aid

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Smart Medication Management

Take your meds the right way every day with this state-of-the-art system

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We’ve built the world’s best bundle with a focus on your health. Now it’s your turn to feel better for only $18.80* per month.

Get even more savings when you bundle!

  • Relationship Health

  • Social Anxiety Relief

  • Child Health & Development

  • Your Health Risks

  • Paid to Exercise

  • Debt Reduction & Financial Planning

  • College Survival Kit

  • Smart Medication Management

  • Student loan debt relief

  • Pay day loans with no fees/interest

  • Lower monthly bills

  • Getting paid to exercise

  • Shop now and pay later services

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